The History:

Kai Films was created out of the passion for storytelling that has embodied my life since I was born. After spending many years working as the BTS still guy on film and TV productions, I started producing film and video projects for clients around the United States. I am currently working with an array of clients to produce, Direct, DP, write and shoot. I am also writing and directing my own original content. Some of my short films and are currently screening on the festival circuit. Connect with me on social to keep up to date on screenings and new projects.


"Nothing may be truly said to be a 'miracle' except in the profound sense that everything is a miracle."




Directors Statement

I am a storyteller. Everything eventually returns to the state from which it came, which is nothing more than a thought combined with an idea — which one can refer to as a dream. Dreams are something that we all have. As we work toward the manifestation of those dreams, we create stories. When one of those stories grabs me, I find a way to immortalize it and share it with other humans. My dream is to share stories. I find unique stories in different parts of the universe, and I know I would cease to exist without an opportunity to tell them. Derek Johnson


Writer and Director

Remember that time your camera work on an HBO film won an Emmy, and then NHK from Japan showed up at your house to shoot your story as part of a feature news documentary that aired to an audience of 35 million.
Derek understands that no amount of digital magic can tell the complete story.  The craft of film-making takes a multitude of work and life experience to achieve. Derek has broken thru the impossible dream and now is working full time not only sharing his own stories, but also the stories of others. Writing short stories was his first creative outlet and now directing commercial and Narrative work is a natural extension of that work



DP and Still Photographer

When Derek was young, he would go to every family gathering with a new story about his imaginary friend's adventures. When he grew up, he learned how to take pictures. The passion for storytelling continued into his career of becoming a full-blown filmmaker and a Photographer. He loves to work with short-form content and has been at the forefront of technological innovation for over 20 years.

911 Documentary Work

    1. The most published scene I filmed from 9/11. It contributed to an Emmy win, and helped garner other awards.

    2. CameraPlanet 9/11 Archive:

    3. HBO 9/11 Documentary “In Memoriam”; also on IMDB:

    4. History Channel Documentary: “102 Minutes that Changed America

    5. History Channel Documentary: “9/11: The Days After“

    6. National Geographic: Explorer series

    7. NHK Documentary: “5 People Who Filmed 9/11″; broadcast to over 30 million worldwide.