Grip and Electric 101

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1ST AC 20 Years


Sweet Light

Daylight makes the best images…

Often times I like to record where I have worked because in many instances I have been involved in some very complex productions that warrant contemplation and preservation. Just recently I was hired to assist on a short narrative film, I mentioned that my past experience with grip and electric began in Michigan inside automotive photography studios. These places were huge warehouses that would accommodate equipment that was very similar to Hollywood film production. We essentially had to create light that would reflect back into a car door and looked like the setting sun. We often referred to this as “sweet light” when we were on location using the actual sun. However in Michigan, we mostly shot in these giant studios. I loved the big production with all the moving parts back then and still do today which makes working on film sets a natural nesting ground for me. This is just one of many deep knowledge and experiences I bring to the projects I produce and assist on.