Kai Films President:


I am a storyteller.

Everything eventually returns to the state from which it came, which is nothing more than a thought combined with an idea — which one can refer to as a dream. Dreams are something that we all have. As we work toward the manifestation of those dreams, we create stories. When one of those stories grabs me, I find a way to immortalize it and share it with other humans. My dream is to share stories. I find unique stories in different parts of the universe, and I know I would cease to exist without an opportunity to tell them. – Derek Johnson Dir – DP


lisa b.jpg

Lisa B. Hammond

President: Women in Film

Creative Director, Production Design.

My background in commercial brands and retail marketing taught me the value of meaningful content in every frame for every project.

Whether deceptively graphic or uniquely personal, each visual element must braid together with intent to create the image that illustrates and narrates a story into a unique environment that captivates. https://www.lisabhammond.com